About Elli

My name is Elli Andersson and I live in a small flat in Malmö, Sweden with Tom and our two cats. I am currently a student at Lund’s University and my two main subjects are English and Religion but I have also studied photography at Malmö Högskola.

As a child I used to write a lot. I have, like many other girls, a pile of old dairies in the basement and tons of essays, short stories and drafts for ”my very first novel”. I documented the world in words, pen on paper.

For my 7th birthday i wished for a camera. Mum bought me a red Konica, one step up from a disposable camera. From this time I have pictures of cats, lamps, cats, mum and dad, cats, some childhood friends, my dog but mostly cats.

When I was 16 I wanted a digital camera after having more or less stolen my brothers camera from time to time. His camera lasted about 10 minutes without charging the battery and had the amazing 3 megapixel. I bought a Compact Nikon Coolpix and this little thing followed me everywhere.  It was around this time I met Tom and because he was so far away, we sent each other pictures of our everyday life.

At 19 it was time to take the final step towards my first DSLR. Toms mum Emma had a Canon 400d and after having played around with this for a week I bought my own as soon as I came back home. I have so loved my 400d. It is the most fantastic thing and it taught me everything I know.

I got in to my old SLR as late as Christmas 2010. I have borrowed Emma’s old Canon AE-1 and later on I got myself a Canon F1. Nothing beats the quality of and old SLR. It’s an art to have 36 images and nothing more.

My new partner in life (alongside Tom) is my Canon 7d. I had in mind to save up for a 5d mk II, which I still might  do in the future, but I went with the 7d as i didn’t really have the use for a full format camera just yet ( and also, I’d like to wait for the next generation of the 5d). The Canon 7d is a dream to work with! It is more of an out and about kind of camera and it is fast as anything. Perfect for what I use it for.

I don’t know what the future holds. I want to finish my education and start working. I want to improve as a photographer and I hope this blog can really get me going.



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